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When it comes to meat processing, you want to make sure it’s completed correctly so it will last. Our team at Old Hickory Shop strives to provide meat that will last by drying, curing, and smoking. We’ve successfully provided meat packaging services to residents throughout Kahoka, MO, for a decade.    

The way your meat is processed truly makes a difference. We take pride in giving customers throughout Clark County quality processing that extends shelf life, allowing you to create delicious dinners at a later time. Whether you want us to provide delicious and hearty meat or you have some to bring in from your latest hunting excursion, our butchers will cut it exactly how desired.   

As a locally owned and operated company, we value the relationships we build with our customers. Bring your meat in, and we’ll provide the highest quality processing you’ll find in the region. You can take your meat home in no time so you can enjoy it with family and friends. 

Whether you need a nice savory steak for a cookout or want deer jerky made for a quick snack, we have the experience and knowledge to get it done. Contact our store and let us show you why we’ve become the go-to shop for so many in the area for butchering and packaging services. 

Delicious Steaks

Rush Orders

Rush orders are available upon request. We understand that you may have a large party or event coming up that you need meat for and are happy to oblige. 

Friendly Service

We’re always friendly in our interactions with you. We want your experience with us to be positive from start to finish. 

Personalized Orders

Our butcher will process your meat exactly how you want. Whether you’re looking for a short rib or flank, we’ll make sure you receive what you desire. 


The quality of your meat matters before it ever reaches your dinner plate. At Old Hickory Shop in Kahoka, MO, we truly understand how what we do in our shop matters in the way your meat tastes, how it is cooked, and how it is enjoyed. We specialize in meat smoking, processing, and butchering, and are dedicated to making sure your needs are met. 

Our butcher has years of experience in their craft. We know how to effectively cut your meat to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Count on us to cut steaks to your liking, including sirloin, flank, ribeye, and chuck. We also create jerky, beef sticks, and can smoke whole turkeys. Anything you could possibly want, we’ll provide it for you. We have a passion for meat, and we’ll show you how our meat packaging process truly makes a difference in quality.     

We process a variety of meats, including sheep and lamb, bear and buffalo, and deer and elk. Our skill with various types of meat enables us to provide you with some of the best meat processing in the area. Visit us today or call to speak with a staff member for more information. 

Services offered

  • Meat Butchering and Processing
    • Beef and Hog
    • Sheep and Lamb
    • Bear and Buffalo
    • Deer and Elk
  • Quick Processing
  • Friendly Service
  • Quality Packaging 

Contact information

Old Hickory Shop
26671 CRD 307
Kahoka, MO 63445
(660) 754-6662


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